Stop Rep. Tlaib’s Antisemitic Attempt To Shut Down Pro-Israel Groups



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Stop Rep. Tlaib’s Antisemitic Attempt To Shut Down Pro-Israel Groups

Pro-Socialism Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib – known for her antisemitic attacks on Israel and the Jewish people – is now going after Americans and organizations who support our ally Israel.

She has hatefully claimed that the Holocaust gave her a “calming feeling” – yet Speaker Pelosi still defends and empowers her.

Now Rep. Tlaib just sent a letter to her allies in the Biden Administration demanding that any U.S. charities or non-profit organizations that support Israel be stripped of their tax-exempt status.

Rep. Tlaib wants to shut down YOUR ACLJ. She wants to target you, Israel, and anyone who supports an undivided Jerusalem.

At the ACLJ, we have an office in Jerusalem; we’ve defended Israel’s interests before the International Criminal Court (ICC). We directly delivered an aggressive defense of our ally Israel in the halls of the United Nations. WE WON’T BACK DOWN, and Rep. Tlaib can’t make us.

We defeated the Obama-Biden IRS in federal court when it tried to target conservative, pro-life, and pro-Israel groups – obtaining a consent decree that is still enforceable to this day.

We WILL NOT allow Socialist Rep. Tlaib to attack Israel and shut down pro-Israel Americans. We won’t hesitate to go to court if necessary. But we urgently need you to take action with us.

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