BREAKING: Georgia Absentee Ballot Cases in Federal Court Today (Sekulow Recap)


Jordan Sekulow


December 17, 2020

Judges are hearing challenges to Georgia’s absentee ballots ahead of that crucial January 5th runoff election for two U.S. Senate seats today. Today on Sekulow , we discussed the lawsuits that are being heard today in the state of Georgia on absentee ballots. These lawsuits are critical to the outcome of the January 5th runoff elections, as it is expected to be a very close race. We’ve got several lawsuits in the state of Georgia, including hearings in federal court today. One of the lawsuits seeks to reverse the ratio for rejecting a ballot. It asks that every ballot envelope be reviewed by three officials. If one of the reviewers says that the signature does not match, the ballot would be rejected and sent through a cure process. People would still have an ability to cure the ballot, to prove that it was actually their ballot, if they had signed it in a bizarre manner or different than the signature on file, for example. As I said, they would still have the ability to cure the ballot so it would not disenfranchise a proper vote. What they are asking for is those ballots not just be automatically counted, which is what happened the 2020 General Election. In the January 5th runoff, there are no mail-in ballots. There are absentee ballots that you can request, but this runoff is not a mail-in ballot election like we saw in November. In the November election, they treated absentee ballots like mail-in ballots. In a related matter, the Secretary of State of Georgia has now agreed to a statewide audit of absentee ballots and the signature matching. He’s actually going to let the University of Georgia forensics and scientific teams, as well as statisticians conduct that. That’s a big victory right off the top. That is aside from the court cases. Don’t be discouraged in Georgia. Things are changing with how this election will be conducted already. For this election coming up, for the Senate races, the Secretary of State has agreed to do these large samples all over the state of signature matching to make sure they are following the rules and laws of the state. We still need to get more details from the Georgia Secretary of State, but that was a victory for election integrity without even having to go to court. The full broadcast is complete with much more discussion and analysis by our team about these Georgia absentee ballot lawsuits. We also discussed some victories for the unborn . Watch the full broadcast below.