HAPPENING NOW: Georgia Votes in Most Important Senate Election in History (Sekulow Recap)

Georgia votes today in two of the most important U.S. Senate elections in American history. Today on Sekulow , we discussed today’s crucial Georgia Senate elections. This is a very tight race. This is a race that is being determined as we speak by who is showing up at the polls. The early voting was a little bit lower than it was in the November election, which is perfectly normal for any election that is not a presidential election. With this campaign getting so much attention, one did wonder if the early voting would hit the November numbers, and it did not. Unlike in the November elections, there is no 50%+1 vote rule. The person who gets the most votes will win. I don’t expect there to be much split ticket voting on these two races because it is one political party versus the other. The question is after the early voting has concluded and now that today is Election Day in Georgia, will today’s voters make the difference? There’s so much attention on these two U.S. Senate races today. The chances of voter fraud have diminished significantly. The Department of Justice is on it. There’s many more election monitors than there were in November. Everybody is watching this election. My dad, Jay Sekulow, made the following point about the importance of these Georgia elections: Everybody is on it. They are doubling down on how they are monitoring things. I will say this that both sides, both Republicans and Democrats, are fully aware of what’s at stake. So this is not a situation where you’re going to be guessing on how important this is. These two Senate races in the state of Georgia, makes Georgia a national race. Why? Because the control of the United States Senate is literally at stake. The President, I thought articulated that very well yesterday. The eyes of the nation are on Georgia today. The fate of the U.S. Senate, and perhaps the nation, lies in the hands of the Georgia voters. Today they can make a difference. Today Georgia voters can decide the issues that will even be given a vote in at least the next two years. The full broadcast is complete with much more discussion and analysis about today’s critical Georgia Senate runoff elections by our team. We were also joined on the program by newly sworn in U.S. Senator Bill Hagerty. Watch the full broadcast below.