Senate Will Vote to Ban Biden Employer Mandate


Jordan Sekulow


December 6, 2021

The Senate will vote this week on a resolution to eliminate the Biden federal vaccine mandate for employers. The resolution, which is likely to pass, follows procedures set forth by the Congressional Review Act, which provides a legislative mechanism to roll back executive actions. The mandate presents a tremendous burden on many employers. We are representing one of those employers, The Heritage Foundation. We’ve told you how we have filed a lawsuit over this unconstitutional mandate on their behalf.

The new President of The Heritage Foundation, Dr. Kevin Roberts, joined Sekulow to discuss this lawsuit. Dr. Roberts explained why The Heritage Foundation has taken this historic move:

We have never taken an action like this because we believe we are best served and we’re best serving the movement and the country by being behind the scenes. Let me just be really clear, I would much prefer that we didn’t have to file this lawsuit. I didn’t wake up one day and say, ‘oh man it is a great day to file a lawsuit against the federal government.’ What I recognized was, and what my colleagues recognized, and our board unanimously recognized, in spite of that history of not filing lawsuits is that we had to take a stand – for ourselves, for the sacred relationship we have with our employees and their private health information, and most of all for the future of America.

That is not hyperbole when I say that. The future of America depends upon The Heritage Foundation and the ACLJ, and by the way we are honored that you all are our counsel, to take stands on behalf of the proper relationship of the federal government and states as well as on behalf of all of those rights that if we go back to the founding of this country, we know that our states before the federal government protect.

Instead of issuing a mandate that strips away individual liberty, President Biden should instead be addressing critical issues within his scope as President, such as getting Russia under control. This week marks a key phone call between President Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin. This comes at a time when Russian aggression is increasing towards Ukraine. Russia has added 175,000 troops at the Ukraine border and made a threat to the U.S. that Ukraine can never be a part of NATO.

ACLJ Senior Military Analyst Wes Smith explained what this means:

Putin is a bully, and he perceives this as his time to act. I don’t think he really wants to invade Ukraine, although it is likely he will. He wants to put leverage on the United States and on NATO to back off. . . . He is not only calling for some written guarantee that we will not expand NATO, as if the United States makes that call, the NATO alliance votes on who joins NATO, it is not just up to the United States, but he wants assurance because we are influential. But not only that, he also wants in writing from President Biden that we will no longer do joint military exercises in Eastern Europe and that we will no longer do joint military exercises with Ukraine and Georgia, as if President Putin gets to control the deployment of U.S. forces.

We will see how the United States reacts to a potential invasion of Ukraine. We hope that President Biden will try to deter President Putin’s aggression and hopefully not allow Russia to invade. We will monitor this issue and provide you with updates to come.

Today’s full Sekulow broadcast is complete with even more analysis of President Biden’s federal vaccine mandate power grab and a potential attack from Russia on Ukraine.

Watch the full broadcast below.

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