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When Are We Going To Get It Right?

By Sherif Meleka1631825420740

Without a doubt, our abrupt and chaotic exit from Afghanistan did not go unnoticed all over the world. After twenty years of fighting the Taliban, our mighty forces realized that we had lost the war. Not only that, but this time, we put all of our faith in our enemy – the Taliban – to secure the...

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Secretary Blinken to Testify on Afghanistan

By Jordan Sekulow1631565625597

After the Biden Administration’s disastrous withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan, Secretary of State Antony Blinken will appear in two hearings – one by the House Foreign Affairs Committee and the other at the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee – about the way it was handled. The American...

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Afghanistan: The Controversy That Is Not Going Away

By Wesley Smith1631192340000

As a direct result of a series of decisions by the Biden Administration, what could have been relief—and possibly a cause for celebration as the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks approaches—is now a weight around the Administration’s neck as it swims through very troubled political waters. While...

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Congress Must Force Sec. Blinken To Answer for Afghanistan Failures

By Richard A. Grenell, Senior Advisor for National Security and Foreign Policy1631118523034

The House Foreign Affairs Committee has announced that Secretary of State Antony Blinken will appear in front of the full Committee, chaired by Greg Meeks (NY-5), on Monday, September 13th. With the Afghanistan crisis still unfolding, the Committee Members should not let the Secretary of State off...

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Hold President Biden Accountable for His Deadly Failures in Afghanistan


President Biden's incompetence has allowed the Taliban to take over Afghanistan, genocidal terrorists like ISIS to regain strength, and placed countless lives in immediate danger. Worst of all, he...


This Is What the Taliban’s Control of Afghanistan Really Looks Like

By Ali Holston1631019540000

Jake Sullivan is the White House National Security Advisor, which means he provides the President of the United States with valuable information when it comes to making foreign policy decisions. So, Sullivan’s recent comments about the Taliban, a terrorist organization, should stop anyone in their...

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Taliban Seeks Iran Connection

By Jordan Sekulow1630699349106

In alarming news out of Afghanistan, the Taliban is seeking a relationship with Iran. The presumed goal of the Taliban in Afghanistan is to establish an Islamic base with Iran, which is their border neighbor. Specifically, the Taliban is courting support from the Shiite Hazaras, a group that the...

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LEAK: Biden Pushes Lie as Afghanistan Went Down in Flames

By Jordan Sekulow1630529075253

A transcript of a phone call was just released by Reuters between President Biden and the president of Afghanistan that took place on July 23rd over the Afghanistan crisis. By August 15th, the Taliban took over Afghanistan and the Afghan president fled. However, just weeks before chaos broke out in...

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ADM. KIRBY: "Americans Get Stranded… All The Time"

By Jordan Sekulow1630445230083

On October 7, 2001 the U.S. went to war in Afghanistan, in response to the terror attacks of 9/11. Today, August 31, 2021 – nearly 20 years later – the U.S. has no presence in Afghanistan. In fact, the only Americans left in Afghanistan are abandoned Americans. To take us down memory lane, let’s...

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President Biden Projects Weakness in Speech to the Nation

By Logan Sekulow1630098503108

Following the massive explosion yesterday , President Biden addressed the Nation over the status of Afghanistan. The President’s speech projected fear and weakness into the American people as the Taliban’s deadline is approaching and Americans are still stuck in Afghanistan. In President Biden’s...

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President Biden Only Now Asks For Contingency Plans on Afghanistan

By Jordan Sekulow1629927449266

As President Biden is being forced to answer questions about his failed exit strategy, it is clear that he is completely disconnected from reality. The rhetoric coming out of the White House is not aligned with what is actually happening on the ground in Afghanistan. In addressing the Nation,

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Christians in Afghanistan Fear for Their Lives as Taliban Seizes Control

By Jordan Sekulow1629909759892

Right now the future of Afghanistan looks grim. For Afghan Christians, it looks deadly. After a 20-year war, the Taliban once again controls Afghanistan. ISIS has been resurrected . And the people of Afghanistan are afraid for their lives. As we have reported , President Biden’s hasty withdrawal of...

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Biden Sticks to Afghanistan Withdrawal Deadline at Taliban’s Request

By Jordan Sekulow1629839165114

President Biden joined a virtual G-7 meeting over the chaos that is happening in Afghanistan today. It’s been reported that during this meeting, President Biden told other world leaders that the U.S. is not budging on the August 31st deadline in Afghanistan. This comes even after our allies and...

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POMPEO: The Biden Administration's Withdrawal From Afghanistan Is a Disgrace

By Mike Pompeo, Senior Counsel for Global Affairs1629464340000

The Biden Administration’s execution of our withdrawal from Afghanistan has been a stunning and tragic failure, leaving thousands of Americans stranded in the country. This Administration has allowed the Taliban to fully take over the country on their terms, not America’s. It has left millions of...

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AFGHANISTAN: A War Gone Wrong. An Exit Mismanaged.

By Wesley Smith1629407112646

Last week the Taliban captured the capital city of Kabul and took over Afghanistan. A day after the fall of that country, the Pentagon’s independent Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) issued his final report . It details how the 20-year war went wrong. John F. Sopko...

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Biden Admin Missing Historic Opportunity Trump Gave in the Balkans

By Richard A. Grenell, Senior Advisor for National Security and Foreign Policy1628610980731

I have spent the last 10 days traveling throughout Serbia and Albania listening to the people and talking to various Balkan leaders. I am very hopeful that most of the region is moving away from the disagreements of the past and moving toward regional cooperation. This is very good news. President...

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United States to Sanction Cuban Officials – Is It Too Little Too Late?

By Logan Sekulow1626989463998

The Biden Administration announced that the United States is going to sanction a number of Cuban officials following attacks on Cuban protestors by their own government. This announcement by President Biden comes two weeks after these protests and demonstrations initially started. Is this too...

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Cuba and the Cry for Freedom

By Wesley Smith1626968685772

It seems there is in the very DNA of humans a natural and passionate desire for freedom. It does not matter as to one’s nationality, ethnicity, or language. The desire to be free and to escape injustice and oppression is a universal human longing. For those of us who grew up in the United States,

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President Biden's Agenda: Authoritarianism First at the Expense of Freedom

By Logan Sekulow1626815311144

The Biden Administration continues to show no response when it comes to showing support for our neighbors fighting for freedom. Back in 2009 during the Green Revolution in Iran, Iranians took to the street to protest the murderous regime in Tehran. The Obama-Biden Administration did nothing at the...

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Biden Misses the Moment, Again

By Richard A. Grenell, Senior Advisor for National Security and Foreign Policy1626440340000

In 2009, during the Green Revolution in Iran, tens of thousands of Iranians took to the streets to protest the murderous regime in Tehran. Then-President Obama and Vice President Biden failed to see the moment as an opportunity to encourage the Iranian people in their hopes for freedom and liberty.

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