Hold President Biden Accountable for His Deadly Failures in Afghanistan



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Hold President Biden Accountable for His Deadly Failures in Afghanistan

President Biden's incompetence has allowed the Taliban to take over Afghanistan, genocidal terrorists like ISIS to regain strength, and placed countless lives in immediate danger. Worst of all, he has abandoned U.S. citizens.

It is time to hold the President accountable for this catastrophe.

President Biden abandoned Afghan Christians, helpless women and children, and even U.S. citizens, and kowtowed to the Taliban.

We're demanding Congress DO ITS JOB and hold President Biden and his Administration accountable for their failures that led to this deadly debacle.

Why weren't civilians evacuated first? Why were billions of dollars in military equipment and weapons left behind? Why didn't President Biden listen to warnings against a speedy withdrawal?

The American people deserve the truth.

We've filed a FOIA request demanding critical records regarding President Biden's Afghanistan withdrawal. Now Congress needs to act.

Countless Americans, Christians, and women and children are in danger. Take action with us.

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