THIS is what election interference and collusion look like.

The Deep State FBI pressured Facebook to suppress the Hunter Biden laptop story days before the 2020 Election. It’s outrageous.

It was called misinformation and flagged by Facebook – censored at the Deep State FBI’s demands – and it all turned out to be TRUE.

The Deep State FBI is quite frankly out of control. And now it has been empowered by President Biden to further crush our Constitution.

We warned you that the shocking and unprecedented raid of President Trump’s home was just the beginning.

We’ve been defeating government viewpoint-based discrimination at the Supreme Court for decades. That’s exactly what this is – censoring and suppressing what the Deep State doesn’t want you to see. The ACLJ is ready to go back to the Supreme Court if necessary.

We’re filing critical legal demands of Biden’s Deep State FBI over its collusion and election interference. WHEN the FBI refuses to comply, we will file a major lawsuit and force the Biden FBI in court to GIVE US THE DOCUMENTS. Take urgent action with us.

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Defeat Deep State FBI Election Interference

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