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The Trump Administration just got a big win in a D.C. federal court, throwing out a lawsuit seeking to stop President Trump from using his emergency powers to secure the border, and it’s a win for our national security.

On today’s show, we discussed how a federal judge rejected the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives’ case against the President’s National Emergency Declaration and specifically the allocation of funds to secure the border.  

The House has chosen to ignore the situation festering at our border, and instead focus on a new “dream act”, which would free up about $35 billion to expand the categories of illegal  immigrants already here, to enable them to stay. The President has said he’s willing to talk about that, but not without addressing security. The Democrats have shown they’re not interested.

It’s actually gross that we have this massive humanitarian crisis surging at our southern border and Congress is comfortable doing nothing about it. How long can we let this continue?

Apprehensions at the border have already exceeded all previous numbers. Just last week we reported that our border patrol agents just intercepted the largest illegal migrant caravan in our country’s history – over 1,000 illegal migrants, including 63 unaccompanied children. Our border patrol agents are overwhelmed. We’ve said before, the system is breaking down.

I asked how many people do we have to apprehended? How many horrific stories do we have to hear before the Left actually pays attention and agrees to take action?

We’re not just talking about securing the border. The ACLJ has filed in these cases, supporting the President’s border security efforts. It’s likely, now that a judge threw out the lawsuit, that the Left will file an appeal, and we will be prepared to act again.

You can listen to the entire episode here.

Secure the Border. Build the Wall.

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