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The economic stimulus goes live today. On today’s Jay Sekulow Live we discussed the economic impact on the American people. Obviously today with the economic numbers out we wanted to get into some of those details. We’ve got nearly ten million Americans who have filed for unemployment in the last two weeks alone. The payroll plunge is seven hundred thousand people in March. That is kind of a snapshot. That doesn’t give you the full scope. The unemployment right as of right now is already at... read more

While new reports confirm that a classified intelligence report submitted to the White House blamed China for initially and intentionally lowering its reported number of coronavirus cases thus reducing the effectiveness of the U.S. response to the pandemic, remarkably, in harmony with the Left’s long-running playbook, the Coronavirus Pandemic has provoked left-wingers to unleash their deep-seated hatred in order to blame and otherwise attack conservatives and people of faith. This vicious... read more

The ACLJ remains fully engaged in our work to ensure government accountability, and this includes our state and federal Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) practice. While government agencies are impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, and much of FOIA processing has been placed on hold until things return to normal, the ACLJ continues to monitor the nation for developments effecting our core issues: life, Israel, religious liberty, and government corruption. Over the past few months, the ACLJ has... read more

We told you that politics would rear its ugly head, and now Congressman Adam Schiff has already proven us right. On today’s Jay Sekulow Live we discussed Congressman Adam Schiff’s call for the Trump Administration and President Trump to be investigated over the response to COVID-19. Just before the show started, we had more breaking news as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced a new select committee to oversee the Coronavirus response. She said , “Where there’s money, there’s frequently... read more

We recently obtained another victory for a Christian family facing persecution in Pakistan. Our team on the ground – through our international affiliate, the European Centre for Law and Justice’s (ECLJ) office in Pakistan, the Organization for Legal Aid (OLA) – represented Shahbaz Masih, a Christian man who was illegally detained by police because his nephew had a fight with a Muslim classmate. On February 18, 2020, Shahbaz’s 14-year-old nephew, Ehtisham, an 8th grade student, had a fight with... read more

Even with the nation and the world hunkering down and sheltering in place to escape a global pandemic, our pro-life work at the ACLJ continues amid the crisis. Just as the forces that devalue life in its most defenseless stages are taking no rest from their destructive work, neither can we stop being there to counter their efforts. Whether it’s filing briefs at the Supreme Court on critical life issues, or exposing the macabre extent to which Planned Parenthood and other abortion businesses are... read more

The White House Coronavirus Taskforce estimates a death toll of over one hundred thousand Americans. On today’s Jay Sekulow Live we discussed the COVID-19 Taskforce death toll estimates which could even be as high as two hundred and forty thousand Americans. Yesterday President Trump and the White House COVID-19 Taskforce, Dr. Fauci, Dr. Birx, and Vice-President Pence, gave a briefing on specifically what the coming weeks and even months look like for America. They’ve extended the stay at home... read more

Despite orders to cease elective medical procedures in order to focus all resources on battling the current Coronavirus crisis, the Texas abortion lobby wants the Lone Star State to continue killing babies. In breaking news, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals just stepped in and temporarily halted a lower court ruling that tried to stop Texas from banning elective abortions during this pandemic. Just recently we told you how a number of states, including Texas, had declared that given the... read more

Is a Phase 4 stimulus package on the way? On today’s Jay Sekulow Live we discussed the possibility of a Phase 4 stimulus package and potential congressional action on one. There is already talk from the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi on the Democrat side and also the President of the United States who tweeted out this morning about the potential for a fourth stimulus bill. Speaker Pelosi essentially explained it like this: The first two bills were really about emergency response. The third... read more

In the face of a global health crisis, extremists on the Left are using the Coronavirus as an excuse to attack Christians. At a time when much of the country it trying to pull together, emotionally, while distancing physically, radical Leftists are seizing this opportunity to point the blame at conservative Christians. A recent opinion editorial published in the New York Times claimed Christians are culpable in the spread of COVID-19, because believers are, as the author, Katherine Stewart , read more