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“We fight wars that are 6,000 miles away . . . but we don’t control our own border.” Those were the words from President Trump in a news conference earlier this morning. We’ve been telling you for some time that President Trump may need to use his executive authority to declare a National Emergency to secure our southern border. Today, he did just that. Today on the broadcast, we discussed the President’s address during which he declared a National Emergency in the name of protecting America. read more

We told you that New York’s barbaric abortion law would have real life (and death) consequences. Unfortunately, we’re already seeing the first evidence of that. An unspeakably savage crime that’s hard to even comprehend, let alone describe, will now go unpunished. A man attacked his pregnant girlfriend in New York, reportedly dragging her out into the public vestibule of their apartment building and stabbing her repeatedly in the stomach as neighbors say she pled for the life of her unborn... read more

The President has just declared a National Emergency on our southern border. He has stated that he will reapportion funds to combat this national emergency through the construction of a border wall. In declaring the National Emergency , President Trump stated he was doing so to address a “national security crisis.” He highlighted the increased problem of drugs, gangs, violent crime, and human trafficking coming across the southern border. The ACLJ has prepared an extensive legal analysis of... read more

Just a day away from the February 15th deadline and another partial government shutdown looming, a vote on the new border security spending deal could be just hours away. Today on the show we discussed the delivery of the bipartisan security agreement, which we told you the committee had reportedly reached in principle, that is expected to be voted on today. Just before midnight last night, the House Appropriations Committee Chairwoman filed the 1159-page appropriations package on the House... read more

Surfacing from the corrupt mind of Karl Marx in the 19th century, socialism has found new life in Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s recently issued Green New Deal (GND) resolution , which was introduced in the House of Representatives this past week. Although we have previously explained the inescapable evil associated with socialism, left-wing politicians, sparked by the results of last November’s midterm election, are now proposing a GND. The GND—representing the political left’s hot... read more

This week, the ACLJ secured another victory for churches on the zoning front. On Monday night, I appeared before the City Council in Gaffney, South Carolina to urge the City to pass an amendment to the zoning ordinance to remove an illegal provision which discriminates against religious organizations in violation of the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act (RLUIPA). The illegal provision provided in relevant part that “[r]eligious organizations shall not be permitted in... read more

Yesterday we told you that the bipartisan conference committee had reached an agreement, at least in principle, that could provide both border security and avoid another government shutdown. Congress seems poised to move quickly, with both sides preparing to vote on the agreement. On today’s broadcast, we discussed the President’s remarks that he doesn’t anticipate another government shutdown: I don’t think you’re going to see a shutdown. I wouldn’t want to go to it, no. If you did have it, read more

We recently made you aware of the widespread trend sweeping the nation wherein public schools incorporate Buddhist-based mindfulness practices into the everyday curriculum of elementary school age children. We’ve been contacted by parents of elementary, middle, and high school students from over a dozen states. Some students are required to participate in as many as three meditation or mindfulness sessions each school day. Some sessions last 3 minutes; others last approximately 15 minutes. Most... read more

A new border security deal has been reached—in principle, at least--between bipartisan negotiators. On today’s show, we discussed a possible new agreement of the bipartisan conference committee that could provide both border security and avoid another partial government shutdown. The big question is, what’s actually in it? What we’re told is that this new deal does not include the full $5.7 billion the President is looking for to build the wall along our southern border with Mexico, but instead... read more

Is America on the path to becoming a socialist nation? As we approach another presidential election, the Democrat candidates are ever-increasingly calling for programs and policies that are undeniably socialist. Senator Bernie Sanders calls himself a socialist and enjoys the support and favor of his Democrat colleagues. At the tip of the spear for socialism in America is Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC), a member of the Democrat Socialist Party. Last week Ms. Ocasio-Cortez unveiled... read more