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Defeat Pro-Abortion Laws and Big Abortion


Pro-abortion laws are crushing pro-life speech and propping up Big Abortion. Big Abortion is frantically pushing its deadly agenda to increase its profits – blood money – shut down pro-life centers, and stop pro-life counselors from saving countless unborn babies. Planned Parenthood, the abortion industry, and pro-abortion legislators are engaged in a coordinated legal effort to strip the pro-life movement of free speech. New pro-abortion laws are forcing pro-life pregnancy centers to promote... read more

Maximum Pressure on Congress


International threats are more dire than ever, yet our diplomatic core is severely depleted. We must put maximum pressure on Congress to confirm critical appointments to our diplomatic core. The United States doesn’t have a confirmed Secretary of State; numerous ambassadorships remain vacant. North Korea, Iran, China, an American pastor being wrongfully held in Turkey for his Christian faith – with these ominous threats we must have a fully staffed diplomatic core. The nominee to be Secretary... read more

Save Pastor Andrew from a Turkish Prison


American Pastor Andrew Brunson is now facing what could amount to the rest of his life in a Turkish prison. He has been charged with “Christianization.” A 62-page indictment – a diatribe against Christianity and Israel – claims that the Christian pastor living out his Christian faith, including through “humanitarian aid, education, and training,” is terrorism. If convicted, he faces 35 years in a Turkish prison – essentially a life sentence for the 50-year-old American pastor. His trial starts... read more

Protect Christians. Recognize and End Genocide.


ISIS has been waging a brutal genocide against Christians. It barbarically slaughtered thousands and drove hundreds of thousands of Christians from their homes in the wake of its inhuman genocide. It’s sickening: Christians have been beheaded, burned alive, and crucified. ISIS has been weakened, losing extensive territory. They’re on the run. But Christians returning home to rebuild still face the threat of genocide. We have an obligation to act. Under the Genocide convention, the international... read more

Stop Rogue Leftist State Lawlessness


It’s worse than the deep state. It’s unfathomable lawlessness. Rogue leftist States are passing laws that violate the Constitution. Some are even fining private businesses for complying with federal law enforcement. They are trying to create their own immigration laws, making sanctuary cities, refusing to enforce the law, usurping the federal government, and circumventing the Constitution. It’s lawlessness, plain and simple. For our constitutional republic to survive, we cannot allow it. At the... read more

Release the Memo on Deep State Abuses


A new bombshell memo is sending shockwaves through Capitol Hill. Reports are that a four-page memo in the House Intelligence Committee details unthinkable FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) abuses by the Deep State bureaucracy. Members of Congress are calling it “so alarming the American people have to see this.” But Obama holdovers and leftist allies don’t want you to see it. The Deep State doesn’t want you to see it. The American people must see this document. We deserve the truth. read more

Defend Israel from Legal Warfare at ICC


Israel is under constant attack from terrorists. The U.N. betrays and condemns Israel while the International Criminal Court (ICC) again attempts to dredge up false war crimes charges against them. It’s what the terrorists want. It’s legal warfare - lawfare. But we’ve defeated these attempts before, and we will defeat them again. The terrorist-led Palestinian Authority (PA) Unity Government is literally using the ICC as a new global weapon against Israel. Instead of investigating the... read more

Expose and End Obama’s Iran Deal


The Obama Administration lied about the Iran deal. It was a disaster. The Obama deep state even refused to prosecute Hezbollah terrorists – Iran’s radical Islamic terrorist proxy – all to protect the Iran Deal. Iran is now racing to acquire nuclear weapons, as it profiteers from Obama’s sanctions relief. Now the Iranian people are striving for freedom. But Obama’s Iran Deal props up the repressive radical Islamic Iranian regime. Iran is tormenting its people. The Iranian people are shouting... read more

Defend the Chaplain Flag & the Cross


Angry atheists are attacking the Military Chaplain Flag and the Cross. Mikey Weinstein and the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) – the radical anti-Christian group that calls Christians in the military “monsters who terrorize” – has just attacked a Korean War memorial in an Air Force base museum that includes a Chaplain Flag. The flag includes a Cross because the chaplain and his assistant being honored were Christians. MRFF calls the Chaplain Flag, and especially the Christian... read more

Save Babies at the Supreme Court


Nearly 3,000 babies are murdered a day. Now the Supreme Court has taken up a monumental case that will decide if countless babies are saved or aborted. Big Abortion is trying to shut down the competition – pro-life pregnancy centers that are giving mothers in need an alternative to abortion. New pro-abortion laws are forcing these pro-life centers to promote free (taxpayer-funded) abortion. Those working to save lives must now promote death. It’s unconscionable. Now we’re preparing to file one... read more