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Defend Israel from Legal Warfare at ICC


Israel is under constant attack from terrorists. The U.N. betrays and condemns Israel while the International Criminal Court (ICC) again attempts to dredge up false war crimes charges against them. It’s what the terrorists want. It’s legal warfare - lawfare. But we’ve defeated these attempts before, and we will defeat them again. The terrorist-led Palestinian Authority (PA) Unity Government is literally using the ICC as a new global weapon against Israel. Instead of investigating the... read more

Expose and End Obama’s Iran Deal


The Obama Administration lied about the Iran deal. It was a disaster. The Obama deep state even refused to prosecute Hezbollah terrorists – Iran’s radical Islamic terrorist proxy – all to protect the Iran Deal. Iran is now racing to acquire nuclear weapons, as it profiteers from Obama’s sanctions relief. Now the Iranian people are striving for freedom. But Obama’s Iran Deal props up the repressive radical Islamic Iranian regime. Iran is tormenting its people. The Iranian people are shouting... read more

Defend the Chaplain Flag & the Cross


Angry atheists are attacking the Military Chaplain Flag and the Cross. Mikey Weinstein and the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) – the radical anti-Christian group that calls Christians in the military “monsters who terrorize” – has just attacked a Korean War memorial in an Air Force base museum that includes a Chaplain Flag. The flag includes a Cross because the chaplain and his assistant being honored were Christians. MRFF calls the Chaplain Flag, and especially the Christian... read more

Save Babies at the Supreme Court


Nearly 3,000 babies are murdered a day. Now the Supreme Court has taken up a monumental case that will decide if countless babies are saved or aborted. Big Abortion is trying to shut down the competition – pro-life pregnancy centers that are giving mothers in need an alternative to abortion. New pro-abortion laws are forcing these pro-life centers to promote free (taxpayer-funded) abortion. Those working to save lives must now promote death. It’s unconscionable. Now we’re preparing to file one... read more

Defend Prayer – Defeat the ACLU


Prayer is under attack in America like never before. Right now the ACLU is winning. A federal appeals court has banned prayer at the opening of town council meetings. But we’re taking action at the Supreme Court. For years, county commissioners have opened meetings in prayer, inviting members of the community to join them. But because the commissioners said Christian prayers, angry atheists and the ACLU filed a lawsuit to ban the prayers. The ACLJ has argued these types of cases a dozen times... read more

Defeat U.N.’s Anti-Israel Slush Fund


Israel is under withering attack. Now new dangerous legal attacks. The U.N. has just created an anti-Israel legal slush fund – giving as much as $65 million to the terrorist-led Palestinian Authority (PA) to wage legal warfare (lawfare) against Israel. Even worse, since the U.S. funds more than 22% of the U.N.’s annual budget, it’s now a taxpayer-funded jihadist legal war on Israel. U.N. agencies have called for Israel’s destruction. Hezbollah and Hamas are preparing for war. The International... read more

End “Random Selection” Visa Invitation to Terror


A jihadist pledged to ISIS just terrorized America – mowing down more than a dozen people in New York City, killing at least 8. He entered America through a “random selection” visa program. It’s an open invitation to terrorists in our immigration code. The outdated federal law provides visas by “random selection” to individuals from countries with low immigration rates into the U.S. The “Inspector General raised concerns that aliens from countries designated as state sponsors of terrorism can... read more

Life Begins at Conception


It’s a major development in the fight for unborn babies. Finally – for the first time ever – the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has made it the official policy of the United States that life begins at conception . The abortion industry is in trouble. For years, HHS has consistently expanded abortion and funneled taxpayer money to abortion. That changes now. HHS has just released its strategic plan for the next four years, stating that it will pursue policies that “protect[] read more

Stop Barring Christian School Prayer


It’s a dangerous assault on the religious liberty of Christian students. Two Christian schools were barred from praying at a high school football championship game. Now they’re banning Christian school prayer? The government’s state athletic association banned the prayer simply because of its Christian message. A pep talk would have been fine, but a Christian prayer – by two Christian schools – was banned. Even worse, a federal judge agreed. This type of blatant anti-Christian discrimination on... read more

Take Action to Dismantle ObamaCare


America is fed up with this. It’s time for action on healthcare. Congress colossally failed us. The Senate botched a critical opportunity. ObamaCare is still crushing America’s healthcare – skyrocketing premiums, insurance bailouts, pro-abortion mandates, collapsing accesses to care. We’re urging the President to take direct Executive action to undo some of the massive failures of ObamaCare. Already the Trump Administration has refused to penalize hardworking Americans with ObamaCare mandate... read more