ACLJ Blocks DOJ & DC Officials From Destroying Evidence


Jay Sekulow

February 12

4 min read

Pro Life



VICTORY: To preserve the sanctity of life, the ACLJ blocked attempts by President Biden’s Department of Justice and D.C. officials who tried to destroy evidence of a nefarious cover-up – and D.C. officials backed down.

As you know, we have been involved in the pro-life movement for decades. Over the years, the fight has changed dramatically, especially since the overturning of Roe. Since then, the battle for life has been raging in the states. We are actively fighting to preserve pro-life legislation across America and fighting for the unborn at the U.S. Supreme Court.

The horrific situation that we just engaged in actually began in March 2022, when the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department discovered the bodies of five pre-term babies. These children were apparently from the Washington Surgi-Clinic in Washington, D.C., which was run by the late-term abortionist Cesare Santangelo.

Instead of properly investigating the children’s horrific deaths (which is what the law requires), the police assumed the children all died from legal abortions. They then neglected to conduct any medical evaluations or autopsies.

However, some other doctors examined pictures of these babies and found evidence that these children were potentially murdered through illegal partial-birth abortions. In other words, a crime might have been committed.

Almost two years passed, and nothing was done to investigate the death of the children. Suddenly the report came out that the DOJ advised the Medical Examiner to destroy these babies’ bodies by cremation – and the Medical Examiner agreed to comply. The bodies were to be disposed of by the end of last week.

The D.C. officials had grown tired of answering questions about the babies. So they wanted to destroy the evidence of a possible crime – not to mention they showed zero respect for the right to a dignified burial for these innocent children.

Rev. Patrick Mahoney (Director of the Christian Defense Coalition) contacted me about the need to stop the Medical Examiner from cremating the bodies, and the ACLJ sprang into action. We began representing Rev. Mahoney and sent a letter to the D.C. Office of the Medical Examiner. Rev. Mahoney and his wife want custody of the babies’ bodies, which is allowed for under D.C. law, so they can provide a proper burial. Our letter seeks to gain this permission.

Next, the ACLJ sent a letter to Congress demanding that a full investigation be conducted into the cover-up and that the babies’ bodies be preserved. We also contacted Congressman Chip Roy (TX-21), and he is working to shed light on this atrocious cover-up.

Knowing that time was running out to stop the cremation, the ACLJ prepared to file an emergency lawsuit. We contacted D.C. one final time to stop the babies’ bodies from being cremated – or we would file a lawsuit.

The D.C. officials then assured us that they would not cremate the bodies. Because of our quick action, the ACLJ stopped the Biden DOJ and D.C. officials from destroying the evidence of a potential crime and from preventing a proper burial for the children.

The D.C. government also indicated that they would respond to Congress’ demands. To be clear, this matter is not over, and we will continue to work to ensure that D.C. will fully investigate these babies’ deaths.

Rev. Mahoney is a dear friend of the ACLJ. You might remember him most recently after the ACLJ represented him when the DOJ threatened to arrest him for praying outside the Chinese Embassy. He joined the show today to discuss his efforts to give these babies a proper burial:

I’ve been working with the Catholic Diocese here in Washington, D.C. They are interested too. So let’s say I got custody of these babies. I would turn them over to the Catholic Diocese. There is a Catholic cemetery in D.C. Catholic funeral directors and [I] would ensure in a service that these children were given honor, that they were respected, and that they had a proper burial day instead of ending up in an ash heap somewhere.

The bodies of these precious babies are still in the D.C. morgue, and the ACLJ will keep fighting so Rev. Mahoney and his wife can give the children the burial they deserve.

Today’s Sekulow broadcast provided a full analysis of the ACLJ’s exhaustive work to stop the Deep State from covering up evidence of illegal partial-birth abortions. We later explained the ramifications of President Trump’s deadline in his immunity case. Former Acting Director of National Intelligence Ric Grenell also reacted to the news that the IDF rescued two hostages from Gaza.

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