President Biden's Extremism

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Radical Left



On the one hand, the Biden Administration continues to set impossibly low standards for civility, truth-telling, and disinformation; on the other hand, this Administration’s actions set unmatchable and malignant standards for advancing societal division.

First, this Administration announced that Nina Jankowicz—known for her own extreme commitment to disinformation—would head the Department of Homeland Security’s Disinformation Governance Board. This creation by the Biden Administration is simply an attack on the American people that appears to violate the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. Then the Administration released DHS Secretary Mayorkas to defend this Orwellian creation, the 2022 version of the Ministry of Truth, before the United States Senate. There, he demonstrated his incompetence in his unwillingness to call the Russia Collusion Hoax—which involved the radical Left and Deep State operatives in a massive disinformation campaign designed to wreak havoc on the Trump Administration—a form of disinformation.

Now the Biden Administration has unleashed none other than President Biden himself to escalate his rhetorical attacks on the American people and conservatives, calling “This MAGA crowd” the “most extreme political organization that’s existed in American history.” This is nothing less than disingenuous misinformation from the same Administration that said (a) it would not leave Americans behind during our disastrous exit from Afghanistan, and (b) inflation was temporary or Putin’s fault.

Evidently, this President, who tends to either forget or flip-flop a lot, has now conveniently forgotten the Left’s history and its stubborn commitment to extremism and societal division. Inexcusably, he has also ignored the Left’s enduring commitment to racial essentialism. In the past, this commitment took the form of Jim Crow and the joint effort by Democrats and progressives to derail African American progress. During the 1890s, this move gave us the Supreme Court’s crabbed and racist decision in Plessy v. Ferguson. Then in the 1930s, it gave us the New Deal, which emphasized the exclusion of minorities and women from labor markets because they were seen as “unemployable.” Intolerably, President Biden has also forgotten the Left’s current attempt to divide the nation on the basis of race and gender as part of a deliberate move by globalist elites to gain political power at the expense of rank-and-file Americans. This divisive move has fueled the greatest transfer of wealth from the middle class to elites in history. The Left is not content with such moves and is now attacking the United States Supreme Court and pro-life Americans because of the Court’s draft opinion in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization.

Amazingly but unsurprisingly, President Biden exposed his commitment to social division last week by fondly reminiscing how united the country was in the “good old days,” when he enjoyed having lunch with “real segregationists.” Evidently, that is the kind of unity that President Biden prefers. He continues to attack rank-and-file Americans who desire a President who will put their interests and America’s interests first. Instead, President Biden seems quite prepared to outduel former President Obama to become the most divisive President in American history. President Biden continues to put the interests of globalist elites first in our schools, our courts, and our foreign affairs. This type of extremism allows him to offer to protect Ukraine’s borders while leaving America’s southern border wide open.

This is nothing less than extremism that all Americans who believe in a constitutional republic should and must reject.