The Radical Left's Plan to Raise Gas Prices, Judge Jackson's Views on Pro-Lifers, and Biden's Growing Border Crisis


Jordan Sekulow

March 24

6 min read

Radical Left



The Left in Congress is proposing several options to provide “relief” to Americans over high gas prices. Options range from sending out $100 checks, taxing profitable oil companies, quarterly payments, and more. But all of these options would likely result in prices going up even more, with “relief” money used to merely offset an additional increase in price of gas – caused by the poorly planned stimulus itself.

ACLJ Chief Counsel and my dad Jay Sekulow explained how this would work:

Here’s the . . . irony for all of us in this process is another round of stimulus checks which is coming from you and me, it doesn’t come out of thin air. It’s not like the government is giving it. The government is expending our tax dollars to go to this program. You know what happens with that program? Let me explain it to you. If you put a tax on the oil and gas companies, guess what they do? Raise prices . . . so then the money you’re getting will be enough maybe to pay for the increase in the gas costs.

Congresswoman Elise Stefanik called out this idea of the reckless spending:

I would say that when I talk to voters in my district and across America, people are feeling the pain of inflation. They are feeling the pain of the price of energy, which is higher than it’s ever been before because of the failed policies of Joe Biden and House Democrats. So, I think we need to address that immediately. That means reining in the reckless trillions of dollars of spending that we’ve seen under Nancy Pelosi’s leadership as Speaker of the House.

This gas stimulus sleight of hand move is politically driven as midterm elections are approaching. Another potential “political win” for the Left is having their Supreme Court nominee Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson confirmed. Through these confirmation hearings, we have yet to hear Judge Jackson’s judicial philosophy, which she will rely upon to decide some of the most important cases of our time. But we have learned that she views pro-lifers as “hostile, noisy crowd of in-your-face protestors.” 

Senator Marsha Blackburn put Judge Jackson in the hot seat during confirmation hearings when it came to this view of pro-lifers. Sen. Blackburn joined Sekulow immediately after finishing up her questioning to share her insight:

One of the things that I was really surprised with was the way she would not give a straight answer. It did not matter if it was about when life began, or what is a buffer zone, where people ought to be, or why she used the term “noisy crowd of in-your-face protestors,” just disrespectful language that she chose to use because she wrote that brief. So that is her word choice and for her now to want to go to the Supreme Court when she has called a segment of the population “noisy in-your-face protestors” and define pro-life women that way. Then I ask her what she thinks about the women at her church that are pro-life or what she thinks of people like me that are pro-life. Does she look at us and think of us as being lesser than because we hold that view?

Sen. Blackburn added:

Of course, we never got her to say what her judicial philosophy was. So, I closed out the hearing yesterday reading back to her a part of her statement that she contended was her judicial philosophy, but it was her methodology. . . . I read it back to her and I said you left one important part out of this and that is you should make these decisions consistent with the Constitution.

The American people deserve to know what type of judicial philosophy that Judge Jackson will use if confirmed as an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court. We do know that we can expect to see somewhat of an ideology shift in the make-up of the current Supreme Court if Judge Jackson is confirmed.

We can also expect to see a change in the border policies enacted by former President Trump that slowed down the rate at which migrants were crossing our southern border. The Biden Administration is reportedly thinking of allowing Title 42 to expire in a month. Title 42, put in place by the Trump Administration, allowed for immediate turnaround of migrants back to Mexico because of the COVID-19 pandemic. This is important as we are seeing record numbers at our southern border.

ACLJ Senior Counsel for Global Affairs and former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo explained why this Administration should not allow Title 42 to expire:

I know the ACLJ has been at the center of making sure American sovereignty is protected everywhere and always. If they allow Title 42 to expire, this would just be . . . another step along the way towards radically open borders. It is part of what the Biden Administration campaigned on, and it is part of what the progressive Left is demanding from him. It presents real risks to the United States of America. I hope that they will extend Title 42; it made enormous sense. Don’t forget, not only does it allow these folks in, but it sends a message. It will send a message to those who are trying to get here that this Administration, this is the time, this is the window, come to the United States, travel here illegally and we will do nothing to stop you from coming across, entering America and ultimately becoming a part of American society. . . . It is all dangerous.

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