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By Jay Sekulow1344291934000

Why is President Obama - our nation's Commander-in-Chief - going after our U.S. military? Why is his re-election team putting up roadblocks for members of the armed forces when it comes to the upcoming election?

As you may know, the President's re-election team has gone to federal court challenging an Ohio law that clears the way for a lawful three-day extension so those men and women who defend our freedoms can cast their ballots.

The Obama team calls this law "arbitrary" and says there's "no legitimate justification" for granting military members particular consideration in this matter.

As I told Shannon Bream on FOX News today, the Obama re-election team made a huge mistake. Not only is their legal rationale deeply flawed, it attacks an appropriate response from Ohio lawmakers to bring uniformity to election law in the Buckeye State - a law that was passed with wide bi-partisan support.

The action taken by the Obama re-election team sends a very clear message: they are asking a federal court to re-write Ohio law. That tactic won't work.

Already at least 15 military and veterans groups have intervened in the suit - backing the Ohio law. At the ACLJ, we're preparing an important amicus brief to file in this case - asking the court to reject the lawsuit filed by the Obama team and to keep the Ohio voting law for military members on the books.

In just a matter of hours, we've heard from more than 10,000 Americans who want to stand with us in court and want to protect the rights of our military men and women to participate fully in the upcoming election.

Jay Sekulow


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