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The Hidden Campaign Against Christianity - Sekulow TV

OfficialACLJ1628957100000Religious Liberty

We’ve already seen the many ways Leftist governments have used crises as an instrument to single out and shut down worship and church services. But now, the ACLJ’s new case truly illustrates the depths of the hidden war against Christianity happening within our own government. In the United States,

The Next HUGE Case at the Supreme Court - What's Next

OfficialACLJ1628532739909Pro Life

Since the formation of the ACLJ, fighting for the unborn has been one of our primary functions. And now, with the Supreme Court taking up a MAJOR abortion case out of Mississippi banning most abortions after 15 weeks, there is now an opportunity for the Court to revisit Roe v. Wade. Roe v. Wade has...

Rewriting the Constitution: The Radical Assault on Liberty


The Constitution is often referred to as the supreme law of the land in America. Indeed, the Constitution of the United States provides the framework by which all other legislation is tested. This is why it is the ACLJ’s mission to defend the Constitution against all threats. We believe that...

A Voice for Freedom on the World Stage

OfficialACLJ1627497621041Foreign Policy

Though we are the American Center for Law and Justice, we have a strong presence around the world. With offices in places like Europe and Jerusalem, the ACLJ is heavily focused on foreign policy. During the Trump Administration, we were instrumental in seeing unprecedented victories for peace...

Shadows in the Capitol: Defining & Defeating the Deep State

OfficialACLJ1626806875189Government Corruption

When unelected officials make decisions behind closed doors, they become unaccountable to the American people. Thus, the door to corruption is wide open. This government bureaucracy, or Deep State, cannot be allowed to operate without being held accountable. We started our Government Accountability...

Christians SILENCED & Imprisoned - ACLJ's Fight at Home and Abroad

OfficialACLJ1626292948406Persecuted Church

Fighting for religious liberties in America and freedom for persecuted Christians abroad have always been primary issues here at the ACLJ. Our victories at the Supreme Court in the 1980s and ‘90s cemented the ACLJ as a force for religious liberty in the United States. With the aid of the Trump...

Hyde Amendment: The Battle to Repeal This Lifesaving Law

OfficialACLJ1626282000000Pro Life

Rep. Michelle Fischback (MN-7) put it perfectly when she said "there's no more vulnerable person than a child in the womb." They are beyond worthy of our protection. That's why the ACLJ is committed to shutting down the Biden Administration as they try to force taxpayers into paying for abortions...

We Must Fight for Life Now More Than Ever

OfficialACLJ1625691018387Pro Life

The fight for life has always been a fundamental issue at the forefront of the ACLJ’s advocacy. We have battled laws that promote abortion and taken on Planned Parenthood in courts for years, earning victories for the unborn along the way. The ACLJ received incredible support in protecting life...

From Within: The Existential Threat to Democracy - Sekulow TV

OfficialACLJ1625500800000Radical Left

H.R. 1 failed in the Senate, and now the Left is focused on clearing every obstacle out of their way. The first obstacle is the filibuster. ACLJ Senior Counsel for Global Affairs Mike Pompeo explains: They know that their agenda is unpopular. They know that they only have a number of months before...

Independence Day: Freedom Should Be Celebrated

OfficialACLJ1625421600000American Heritage

Most Americans look forward to the 4th of July as a day to be with friends and family, have barbecues, see a parade, and watch fireworks. But you may not know why Independence Day is a cause for celebration. In this new episode of Bald Beagle, come on down to Freedom Beach to hear our resident...

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