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The ACLJ's Brand New School Choice Initiative - Sekulow Ep. 564

OfficialACLJ1593198844950School Choice

We discuss the ACLJ’s new School Choice Initiative and how you can get involved.

Defunding the Police Will Cause Greater Problems, Not Solutions - Sekulow Ep. 563

OfficialACLJ1592487000000Public Policy

We discuss the latest rallying cry of the radical Left, which is “defund the police”.

Does Twitter's "Fact Check" of President Trump Undermine Conservative Policy Positions? - Sekulow Ep. 561

OfficialACLJ1591625880000Public Policy

Twitter decided to, for the first time ever, “fact check” President Trump five months before the presidential election.

Attorney General and DOJ Blast FBI Handling of Flynn Case - Sekulow Ep. 560

OfficialACLJ1590674700658Government Corruption

Deep State corruption at the FBI has been revealed, and General Michael Flynn has now been vindicated.

Mueller Investigation Illegitimate from the Start? - Sekulow Ep. 559

OfficialACLJ1590501600000Public Policy

Senator Lindsey Graham says that the entire Mueller investigation was illegitimate from the start.

Comey's Entrapment Plot Against General Flynn - Sekulow Ep. 558

OfficialACLJ1589358900000Government Corruption

We discuss the shocking revelations that came from recently unsealed FBI notes on General Michael Flynn.

Steele Dossier Author's Possibly Incriminating Emails Were Wiped - Sekulow Ep. 557

OfficialACLJ1589184480000Government Corruption

A shocking report: the author of the Steele Dossier says his emails were “wiped”.

Entrapment in the White House Revealed

OfficialACLJ1588360773905Government Corruption

Is this the beginning of the end for the deep state? Help us uncover the depth of the corruption. Sign our petition to investigate Deep State spying.

Special Guest John Schneider Joins Jay in Studio - Sekulow 556


Jay interviews John Schneider on this special episode of Sekulow. Also, John Schneider and Keith Burns join the Jay Sekulow Band to play their new single, “Trump Card.”

Speaker Pelosi and Rep. Schiff Mount New Partisan Attack Over a Pandemic pt. 2 - Sekulow Ep. 555

OfficialACLJ1587459000000Public Policy

Jay and team discuss Congressman Adam Schiff’s call for President Trump to be investigated over the response to COVID-19 and Speaker Pelosi's creation of what she calls a bi-partisan panel focused on rooting out waste, fraud, and abuse.