Harry G. Hutchison

Harry G. Hutchison is Senior Counsel and Director of Policy for the ACLJ. He has served as a Professor of Law at the Antonin Scalia Law School, George Mason University. He was a Visiting Fellow at Harris Manchester College’s Summer Research Institute in June and July 2014. He was also a Founding Fellow of the M.G. Robertson Global Centre for Law & Public Policy. His research interests include international affairs, corporate governance, labor and employment law, religious liberty and the application of economics to a variety of topics. He has produced more than fifty law review articles, review essays, public policy studies, and Civil Rights opinions. Most of his articles apply economics and history to a wide variety of topics. His last article, Hobby Lobby, Corporate Law and Unsustainable Liberalism: A Reply to Chief Justice Strine, was published in the Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy.

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Harry G. Hutchison

President Biden's Extremism

By Harry G. Hutchison1652207908266

On the one hand, the Biden Administration continues to set impossibly low standards for civility, truth-telling, and disinformation; on the other hand, this Administration’s actions set unmatchable and malignant standards for advancing societal division. First, this Administration announced that...

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President Biden's Energy Bridge to Nowhere

By Harry G. Hutchison1649422740000

This week President Biden stood alongside two Class I trucks outside the White House to essentially celebrate two additional policy failures: First, his energy policy which has incentivized skyrocketing energy prices, and second, his inability to staunch the bleeding from America’s supply chain...

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Biden Gives Up Energy Independence To Declare War on Middle Class

By Harry G. Hutchison1646949600000

After finally imposing sanctions on Russian energy and after declaring a war on America’s middle class in 2020 as a presidential candidate, President Biden has now turned to rogue nations as potential suppliers of oil to the American market rather than opening up energy development in the United...

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While Biden Waits for Sanctions To Work, Putin Moves Troops Into Ukraine

By Harry G. Hutchison1645722333518

The Biden Administration has engaged in a form of hide-and-seek diplomacy with Russia for nearly a year. Then a few weeks after the Administration succeeded in blocking a bipartisan Senate bill leveling sanctions on Russia’s Nord Stream 2 energy pipeline, Russia essentially annexed two regions in...

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Harry G. Hutchison

President Biden Outfoxes Himself on Ukraine

By Harry G. Hutchison1645656217124

Left-Wingers Prepare to Weaponize the IRS

By Harry G. Hutchison1634919356015

Protecting Election Integrity From the Biden Admin's Dishonesty

By Harry G. Hutchison1626699540000

Is President Biden Planning To Pack the Supreme Court?

By Harry G. Hutchison1618581540000

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